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� 鈥楩anny and I have been conversing to-night on the subject of your dear suffering boy. You long fervently to see him rejoicing in the prospect of departing and being with Christ. Perhaps the one obstacle to his being able to do so is the thought of parting from you. If his Mother were going with him, he may think, he would be happy to go. 鈥楬ow pleased the herald angels will be!鈥?he answered. � Of Man's almost Omnipotent Amours. Charles. There can be no courage in a race, for a race is running away. AVTT天堂网2014东京热-avtt天堂东京热一道本-AVtt天堂网影音先锋-AVTT天堂网 鈥楴o, no,鈥?said Mr Silverdale hurriedly. Nor are the Nymphs undone by faithless Swains. Babu G. believed all this, and was sorely shaken. His Mother was brought to the Mission-house, and a vehement scene followed. The old lady sat upon the ground, pouring out threats and curses, beating her breast and tearing her hair anew,鈥攐nly, as A. L. O. E. somewhat drily observed afterwards, she very cleverly avoided hurting herself by her blows, and none of her hair seemed to come out with all the apparent 鈥榯earing.鈥?But the young man could hardly be expected to see this as a stranger would! He wavered鈥攈esitated鈥攁nd at last gave way. The Baptism did not take place; and the unhappy young fellow, convinced of the truth of Christianity, willing in heart to be a servant of Christ, had not courage to take his own decision, but remained a Muhammadan. Bitter tears were shed over his defection by gentle Mrs. Elmslie; the first that Miss Tucker had ever seen her shed. 鈥楾hat鈥檚 why some men take to drink,鈥?he observed. 鈥楾hey鈥檙e driven silly by some ill-conditioned woman like your grandmother. Nag, nag, nag: it was Alice first, then you, then me. Does she come to eat her dinner with us on Sunday just to insult us all, do you think?鈥? 鈥業t was very interesting to hear Mr. Wade鈥檚 account of the opening of a little church in the village of G. The peculiar and very interesting feature of the affair is that in this Rajput village a little flock has been gathered just by Native agency. And the way for the Native evangelist, the excellent C., was wondrously prepared.