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� 鈥淪o maybe I鈥檒l see you all again,鈥?Caballo concluded, as Tita was killing the lights and shooing usoff to bed. 鈥淥r maybe I won鈥檛.鈥? II. � [365] Till every kindred call Him Lord.鈥? avttv手机版天堂AV 鈥楨arth here is so fair, with bold crags draperied with the richest foliage, that one could imagine her contending for the palm with[186] water; but water carries the victory at Niagara; Earth but serves to frame and set off her magnificence. If Earth be green, so is water. Where Niagara plunges over her Horse-Shoe-shaped rocks, the colour of the water is often brilliant, crystal-like green. Then as the river emerges from its veil of spray,鈥攕pray sometimes rising pyramid-like for hundreds of feet,鈥攊t assumes a deeper green, more blue than that of the surrounding foliage, but pure in tint. Nell. Ah, you think that Mr. Atherton may still manage to get his property out of his old uncle鈥檚 clause! I am sure I wish that Mr. Grim had left the dull place to him, or any one but us; but then my Father is not of my mind. Yet even he has not an atom of enjoyment of his prize, from the perpetual fear of losing it. He has heard that young Atherton is very sharp and clever; of course he will try to regain his rights by any means that may present themselves; so I really believe that Papa expects him to appear some day or other through the key-hole. The gate is kept constantly locked,鈥攍uckily, one can see the high-road from the house,鈥攏othing in the shape of a Man is permitted to pass it; we have even parted with all men-servants, lest Mr. Atherton should manage to get in disguised as a lackey. Grimhaggard Hall is a regular Convent. A travelling pedlar is regarded with suspicion; the butcher-boy must hand the leg of mutton over the gate; the young apothecary is an object of terror,鈥擨 could not have a tooth pulled out, were I to die for it. Dear me, how it is raining! The weather seems endeavouring to find out whether it be possible to make Grimhaggard Hall look a little duller than usual. � � �